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Vegan Electronics activity focuses on:

MCU crack,MCU attack,MCU extraction,MCU service,MCU reverse,MCU brake,MCU decryption,SMT assembly,PCB design,PC software

Research into security locked MCU (microcontrollers), CPLDs and FPGAs
Developing attack methods for MaskROM, EPROM, EEPROM, Flash, Antifuse and FRAM memories
Research into innovative MCU attack technologies
Evaluating service of existing products against non-invasive, semi-invasive and invasive attacks
SMT assembly,PCB design,PC software design,Hardware and MCU code design
Microchip,Atmel,AVR,PIC,EMC,Lattice,Intel,MDT,HOLTEK MCU (IC) service and attack

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Customers project showing :


How to cooperate with us:
1.Confirm the MCU with our online service MSN or the email.
2.Customer express one chip being cracked to our company
3.Prepay for the project
(If customer would like to prepay for the project in advance before delivery,then can use our Express delivery account number to ship the sample MCU, and we will pay the freight charge on our side when on arrival)
4.Begin to crack the chip, need 1day to 2 months, depended on MCU types.
5.Express customer 2~3 pcs chips for test with our Express delivery account
6.Test passed, pay the balance and we send the codes(bin or hex format) to customer by email

Attention please for the payment and project safety:
1.Please don't do any payment to any personal bank account or personal paypal account or western union person account.
2.Only cooperate with the formal registered company,that would be more safety for your project
3.Paypal have the company account,and that is registered formal company and paypal is onsite confirmed the company
4.Company bank account,that is registered in the government, so that is protected by the government law..

Company Certificate:


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